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  • Morning, December 8
  • December 7 to 10
  • Conference Ongoing
  • Afternoon, December 10
  • Within Two Weeks After the Summit
  • Within A Week After the Summit
  • Morning

    Opening Ceremony

    Cloud Expo:

  • Through the conference cloud platform, the latest progress in global intelligent manufacturing will be published, excellent solutions for intelligent manufacturing in various industries will be shared, and the latest development achievements of intelligent manufacturing demonstration enterprises will be displayed, to promote cloud docking transactions of intelligent manufacturing enterprises, products, talents, capital, etc., and create a comprehensive platform on the cloud for intelligent manufacturing technology, equipment, achievements display transactions.

  • Afternoon

    Closing Ceremony

    Industry Events:

  • the Final of the First National Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Competition, etc.

    Series of Activities:

  • Based on the previous brand activities such as the Sino-German Cooperation Summit on Intelligent Manufacturing, and combined with current hotspots, industry status, and industry trends, a series of activities including the UAV Industry Innovation and Development Summit Forum, the CNC Machine Tool Industry Development Conference, and Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Development and Talent Cultivation Forum are planned to be held.