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The 2020 World Intelligent Manufacturing Conference is waiting for you from November 26 to 28!



An Conference "in the Cloud"! Here's the Latest on the WIMC

This morning (November 19), the Communist Party of China (CPC) Nanjing Municipal Committee and Nanjing Municipal Government held a press conference to inform about the Cloud Expo and Industrial Brands Festival of 2020 World Intelligent Manufacturing Conference (WIMC).

The Cloud Expo of WIMC has been launched since November 18. At present, more than 2,000 enterprises, scientific research institutes, and financial institutions have registered to participate in the activities of Cloud Expo and Industrial Brands Festival. Some exhibitors' data has been uploaded, and the preparatory work is tense and orderly.

Progress on the construction of the Cloud Expo

The Cloud Expo platform (Cloud Expo) of WIMC gathers the core technology advantages in the field of digital new infrastructure and establishes an immersive 3D exhibition hall. Designed to conclude five exhibition areas with four displaying functions, it will bring a unique experience for the participants. Dispensing with registration, participants can watch the meetings and live-streaming videos, browse the exhibitors and exhibitions and read news of the WIMC by category directly on their computers or mobile phones. So far, the WIMC has received people's enthusiasm in attending the Cloud Expo even before the offline exhibition is launched. With 100,000 people online, it has successfully built a multi-dimensional and interactive Cloud Expo.

1. Five Exhibition Areas Display the Future of Intelligent Manufacturing

With intelligent manufacturing industry chain, innovation chain, and ecological chain as the threads, five exhibition areas have been set up. By November 18, more than 1,700 exhibitors had registered to participate in the Conference.

(1) The Intelligent Manufacturing System Solutions Exhibition Area displays the world's advanced intelligent manufacturing system solutions, which covers the Industrial Internet, intelligent manufacturing platforms and system integration, top enterprises of intelligent manufacturing (mostly Fortune Global 500 enterprises of intelligent manufacturing), 5G technologies and industrial application of AR. Over 800 enterprises, including BOZHON Precision Industry Technology Co., Ltd, and Nanjing Phoenix Contact Co., Ltd., have registered for the Conference.

(2) The Intelligent Manufacturing Application Exhibition Area focuses on the 13 advanced manufacturing clusters in Jiangsu Province and the eight industrial chains in Nanjing, displaying the exemplary applications of intelligent manufacturing in the key fields such as smart grid, rail transit, new energy vehicles, electronic information, biomedicine, aerospace, ocean engineering, and agricultural equipment. Over 700 enterprises, including the Chengdu Branch of Siemens China and Beijing Xiaomi Technology Co., Ltd., have registered for the expo.

(3) The Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment and Public Service Platform Exhibition Area displays key intelligent manufacturing technologies, equipment, public service platforms, and parks, covering robots, high-grade CNC machine tools, additive manufacturing equipment, intelligent warehousing and logistics equipment, and complete sets of intelligent equipment. Over 80 enterprises, including Gree Electric Appliances, inc. of Zhuhai and Nanjing ESTUN Automation Co., Ltd, have registered.

(4) The Intelligent Manufacturing Talent Exchange Exhibition Area provides information about intelligent manufacturing talent delivered by higher vocational colleges and working in research institutes, covering leading technical talent, professional talent, senior technicians, etc., and releases information about enterprises' need for talent, introduces talent to enterprises, and promotes the integration of production and education. At present, nearly 20 educational institutions have registered to participate, including Tsinghua University, Nanjing University, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Jiangsu University, Nanjing Vocational University of Industry Technology, Wuxi Institute of Technology, and Chongqing University Industrial Technology Research Institute.

(5) The Intelligent Manufacturing Financial Services Exhibition Area displays financial institutions, financial service products, and integrated financial service solutions that serve intelligent manufacturing, covering financing, credit broking, installment purchase of equipment, derivative services, etc., and provides intelligent manufacturing enterprises with exclusive financial services. Currently, nearly 20 financial institutions, including the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Nanjing Branch), Suyin Financial Leasing Co., Ltd., China Science and Techinnovation Capital Management Co., Ltd, Bank of Suzhou, China Zheshang Bank, and Industrial Bank Co., Ltd., have registered for participation.

2Four Major Functions, One Super System

The Cloud Expo enables the layout of four functional systems for the next generation of intelligent manufacturing. The four major functional systems constitute a super system that integrates intelligent products and equipment, intelligent system solutions, intelligent production, and intelligent service. The expo is a collection of companies that represent the four major functional systems. Siemens will showcase its flexible manufacturing technology platform with the "Digital Twin" at its core. Through the digital twin and flexible manufacturing technology throughout the entire product life cycle, Siemens makes the production line learn to think, thus realizing the mass customization and bringing tremendous productivity and efficiency gains by connecting the virtual and the real. ZTE, through the "5G+industrial park" cloud computing and Digital Twin technology, will present 5G robot cleaner, 5G patrol robots, machine vision quality inspection, cloud-based AGVs, and other 5G industrial application scenarios.

3. Gather at Cloud Expo for Brand-new Experience

The enterprise wanting to participate in Cloud Expo can register through the registration page of the WIMC's official website to exhibit for free. To exchange business cards, negotiate cooperation, and issue inquiry information with other enterprises, all enterprise needs to do is to register an account on the homepage of the WIMC following the process introduction. Once the registration is completed, enterprises can then communicate with others.

4. One Click to Interact with the Cloud Expo

The Cloud Expo is established through live technology, so the viewers can learn about the enterprises' products and feel the communicative atmosphere of technical exchanges. If viewers want to watch the live stream and replay, they simply need to visit the system's computer and mobile addresses to access the WIMC with one click.

Progress in the construction of Industrial Brands Festival

The WIMC's Industrial Brands Festival is organizing the recruitment of vendors and the selection of products. To achieve targeted matchmaking of supply and demand sides, well-known international brands gather online and offline, opening a new trade model.

1. Invite Enterprises to Exhibit and Promote Their Products

In the preparatory stage, the WIMC specially invited nine industrial categories of enterprises that are closely associated with intelligent manufacturing. The invited enterprises are selected from the high-quality ones in industries such as mechanical equipment, industrial lighting, chemical and metallurgical, hardware tools, household appliances, automotive supplies, digital electronics, electrical and electric, and security. So far, the WIMC has attracted more than 1,000 companies to register with more than 300 investments made. International brands such as Siemens, Phoenix, Arkema, Novozymes, and SKF Group will also participate in the Industrial Brands Festival of the WIMC.

Leveraging on the platform's technical advantages, the Industrial Brands Festival will feature customized promotions for participating companies and products. Based on product characteristics, the platform will automatically match traffic and continue to optimize the delivery process, thus achieving the best delivery effect and targeted supply-demand matchmaking.

2. Building a Purchasing Platform for Enterprises

The Industrial Brand Festival also builds a cloud purchasing platform for enterprises, creating a new mode of displaying and trading for smart manufacturing enterprises by establishing a targeted supply-demand matchmaking mechanism. Businesses and consumers can trade offline and online, providing more trading opportunities and continued momentum for businesses.


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