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Intelligence Leads to Colorfulness, Digitalization Creates the Future The 2021 World Intelligent Manufacturing Conference Is Coming


The 2021 World Intelligent Manufacturing Conference will be held in Nanjing International Expo Convention Center from December 8 to 10. With the approval of the State Council, the conference is sponsored by Jiangsu Provincial People's Government, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and the China Association for Science and Technology, and jointly undertaken by the Industry and Information Technology Department of Jiangsu, the Foreign Affairs Office of Jiangsu Provincial People's Government, the Jiangsu Association for Science and Technology, the Chinese Institute of Engineering Development Strategies of Jiangsu Province, the Intelligent Manufacturing Alliance of CAST Member Societies (IMAC) and the People's Government of Nanjing.

It is learned that with the theme of "digital transformation, smarter manufacturing", the 2021 WIMC invited representatives of international institutions, top experts, industrial leaders, etc. to participate both online and offline to be informed of the results, methods, development trends, challenges, etc. of world intelligent manufacturing "in one conference" and jointly create an indicator in the field of world intelligent manufacturing.


Highlight 1: High vision, leading the major trend of intelligent manufacturing in the world 

It is understood that the World Intelligent Manufacturing Conference has been successfully held for five consecutive sessions since 2016. With the guideline of "Global Vision, Chinese Strategy, Jiangsu Practice and Nanjing Demonstration", the Conference is committed to building a diversified and open international environment for communication, providing an important window for the world to know the development of China's intelligent manufacturing, and also providing an important platform for the intelligent manufacturing industry to form a mature pattern, design a development plan and share the latest development results. 

In order to promote in-depth exchanges and cooperation in various fields of government, industry, academia, research, application, and the integration of technology and finance in the whole world, the 2021 WIMC will invite the most influential industry leaders and elites from all walks of life in the intelligent manufacturing field both in China and abroad. With a focus on the latest concepts, technologies and achievements in the current global intelligent manufacturing, they can discuss the industry development trends and build a higher-end and international intelligent manufacturing frontier.

It is reported that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other relevant ministries and commissions will officially release the information on the intelligent manufacturing policies and implementation progress at the conference. The conference will also formally establish the Intelligent Manufacturing Special Committee of the "Made in China" Power Construction Strategy Advisory Committee and continue the release of brands such as Top 10 and China 10 Scientific and Technological Developments in Intelligent Manufacturing. Through the centralized release of strategic planning and cutting-edge achievements, the conference will become the most authoritative platform in the industry, create a new trend in all fields of intelligent manufacturing, and ignite the novel ideological spark. 

Highlight 2: Grand atmosphere, with unique forum, exhibition and competition 

The conference focuses on the latest concepts, technologies and achievements in intelligent manufacturing in the world, builds a platform integrating forums, exhibitions, industry competitions, investment promotion and other activities, gathers high-quality resources in the industry, stimulates the innovative vitality of the intelligent manufacturing industry, and actively promotes the implementation and development of the project.

It is said that in addition to the opening and closing ceremony, the conference also sets up 14 sub-forums in four sectors: comprehensive progress and industrial foresight, key technologies and innovations, technology demonstration and industrial application, social ecology, and industrial cooperation. Through the sharing on the latest concepts by experts, scholars, and industrial representatives, technologies, and cases, the conference responds to global concerns and promotes intelligent transformation and digital transformation of manufacturing enterprises.

At the same time, the conference, in conjunction with the China Intelligent Manufacturing System Integrator Consortium (CIMSIC), held the 1st National Contest of Smart Manufacturing Innovation. With the focus on the three themes of intelligent manufacturing equipment innovation, software system innovation, and system integration solution innovation, the contest established four competition zones, namely, East China, West China, South China, and North China, and presented the features of high activity, high creativity, abundant resources, orderly pattern and strong ecology. Through the unveiling competition, a batch of intelligent manufacturing development achievements with outstanding innovation achievements, significant leading role and obvious promotion value are selected from nearly 1,000 enterprises, effectively stimulating the enthusiasm for innovation and entrepreneurship in intelligent manufacturing.

In addition, the Conference will also build the "Cloud Expo", set up three exhibition areas, namely, application demonstration, technical services and industrial ecology, demonstrating benchmarking enterprises and specialized new enterprises in intelligent manufacturing, as well as the latest results of equipment digitization. It will also build a cloud-connected recruitment platform, and promote the docking between upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain of intelligent manufacturing in demand and supply, financial services and talent technology.

Highlight 3: Rich contents, with colorful activities

A series of supporting activities have been prepared for the conference, which is all spectacular. Within one week of the conference, supporting activities such as the Jiangning Sino-German Cooperation Summit on Intelligent Manufacturing, the CNC Machine Tool Industry Development Conference, the Industrial Park Tour for the winners of the Innovation Competition and the promotion of key industrial chain parks will be held one after another. 

At the same time, the conference will also make full use of the flow economy, plan and carry out livestreaming marketing of "Smart Manufacturing to Better Life", selling new energy vehicles, smart home, smart terminal products, etc. During the conference, all-round and multi-level intelligent manufacturing cooperation and exchange activities will be carried out to attract all sectors of society, and further promote the brand and influence of the conference. The theme activity "Smart Manufacturing in Children's Eyes" will join hands with KOLs in Bilibili, a hot video media platform in China to show children around Nanjing's local smart manufacturing enterprise factories and parks and let them learn about the cutting-edge achievements of the smart manufacturing industry from children's perspective.

Bring together field elites, share cutting-edge views, enhance corporate exchanges and cooperation, create a loop of industry, academia and research, and work together with all sectors of society for development. The 2021 World Intelligent Manufacturing Conference sincerely welcomes colleagues in intelligent manufacturing around the world to explore the future of intelligent manufacturing together! 


2021 WMIC

Nanjing · China

December 08-10