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Development Strategies of China's Engineering S&T will kick-off in Nanjing


Jiangsu Province, as the representative of the eastern manufacturing industry, has taken intelligent manufacturing as an important grip to promote the development of high-quality manufacturing and industrial innovation. In the industrial layout, it focuses on the construction of intelligent manufacturing demonstration zones of artificial intelligence, industrial robots and industrial software; meanwhile, it also pays much attention to the intelligent manufacturing equipment such as industrial robots, CNC machine tools, and complete sets of the automatic production line. By doing so, has achieved impressive results. In order to further revitalize the economy and promote the development of intelligent manufacturing led by innovation, the Summit Forum of Jiangsu on the Development and Future Path of Intelligent Manufacturing & Development Strategies of China's Engineering S&T will be held at the Nanjing International Exhibition Center on November 27 as one of the sub-forums of the 2020 World Intelligent Manufacturing Conference (2020 WIMC).

Intelligent manufacturing is the main path for the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. In order to accelerate the industrial revolution, occupy the strategic high point of "intelligent manufacturing", identify and capture the future development trend and possible evolution path of key technologies, the International Coalition of Intelligent Manufacturing (under construction) have been organizing experts and scholars from worldwide to compile the Intelligent Manufacturing Report and The Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Roadmap study from 2019 to 2020. Among them, the Intelligent Manufacturing Report is based on the long-term development of intelligent manufacturing, aiming to analyze the focus of the development of intelligent manufacturing in countries around the world, elaborate the status quo and trends of intelligent manufacturing technology, and share the implementation of intelligent manufacturing in enterprises' cases and experiences. In total 22 papers written by experts at home and abroad, and 14 cases of intelligent manufacturing implementation by domestic and foreign enterprises were included in the report. The Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Roadmap focuses on analyzing the cutting-edge technology and future development path of intelligent manufacturing and depicts the future development direction of intelligent manufacturing.

The forum will focus on topics such as "Agents and Intelligent Manufacturing", "Digital Manufacturing", "Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Roadmap", "The Latest Progress Of Intelligent Manufacturing In Japan", "Intelligent Manufacturing Leads to High-quality Development of Manufacturing Industry - The Practice Of Intelligent Manufacturing Technology In Jiangsu Province", "Jiangsu Province's Construction Path of Independent and Controllable Modern Industrial Technology System", "Jiangsu Province's Development Strategy for High-end Engineering Equipment and Core Components Industry" and organize reports. In this way, attendees can exchange on research results of The Intelligent Manufacturing Report and The Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Roadmap, thus understanding the focus and development trend of intelligent manufacturing development in major industrial countries.

The forum will be presided by Wu Youhua, Secretary-general of the International Coalition of Intelligent Manufacturing (under construction) and honorary Vice President of the China Instrument and Control Society. It will invite a number of experts and scholars from home and abroad to share the latest progress and insights in the field of intelligent manufacturing. At the same time, the forum will also set up interactive sessions between the audience and the guest speakers, who will utilize a combination of online and offline methods to answer questions and give advice.

As an important sub-forum of the 2020 WIMC, the forum is co-hosted by the International Coalition of Intelligent Manufacturing (under construction), the Jiangsu Research Institute of Development Strategies of China's Engineering S&T, and E-works Digital Enterprise Network. The conference's cutting-edge and practical content will focus on the frontiers of smart manufacturing and its future development, and jointly exchange and discuss the development experience of smart manufacturing in various countries to broaden the horizons and enlighten the minds of manufacturing enterprises.

We sincerely invite experts, scholars, entrepreneurs and technical backbones in the field of intelligent manufacturing to attend the forum.


2021 WMIC

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December 08-10