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Yuan Jie: Digital Resources to Nurture the Real Economy and Give Full Play to the Advantages of the Industrial Internet Cloud Platform



Currently, many traditional manufacturing enterprises are undergoing a digital transformation, and the Industrial Internet is also developing rapidly. On November 26, the 2020 World Intelligent Manufacturing Conference kicked off at Nanjing International Expo Centre. At the Opening Ceremony, Yuan Jie, Chairman and Secretary of the Leading CPC Group of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, delivered a keynote speech entitled "Practicing the National Mission for New Infrastructures of Industrial Internet, Empowering Digital Transformation of the Manufacturing Industry". From the perspective of new infrastructures of the Industrial Internet, he talked about his understanding of the theme of this Conference — "Intelligent Manufacturing Leads High Quality Development", with the focus on "New Opportunities", "New Practices" and "New Trends".

As an important part of the construction of emerging infrastructure, the Industrial Internet will bring the new generation of information technology clusters new development opportunities for new breakthroughs, collaborative innovation, and deep integration with the manufacturing industry.

"We deeply realize that the integration development of informatization and the real economy is the only way to transform and upgrade the manufacturing industry. We should not only accelerate our own digital transformation but also give full play to the role of central enterprises, leading and driving the coordinated development of micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises," Yuan Jie said, "In recent years, relying on the complete aerospace industry system and the advantages of the new-generation information technology development, we have built a national Industrial Internet platform featuring 'cloud manufacturing', cross-industries and cross-fields, which is also called the CASI Cloud platform. This platform geared toward the whole society aims to provide intelligent manufacturing, collaborative manufacturing, and cloud manufacturing services. "

Yuan Jie introduced that the pandemic prevention zone and the Industrial Internet application service of pandemic prevention materials provided by the central enterprise's financing platform can help solve the problem of lack of materials, equipment, and experts and low production capacity in the pandemic prevention materials. "The platform can also assist central enterprises and micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in resuming work and production, especially integrating new Industrial Internet technologies, and continue to promote the application of 5G digital twin, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other new technologies and Industrial Internet. "

For example, an enterprise in Chongqing has increased equipment operation and maintenance efficiency by 25%, improved product qualification rate by 5% and reduced the incidence of safety accidents by 95% through the construction of 5G and digital twin smart factories.

"In addition, the platform has played an active role in supporting industrial risk monitoring, cloud supply and demand matching and resource allocation, intelligent manufacturing and supply chain collaboration, financial services and other aspects, showing the outstanding advantages of the Industrial Internet," said Yuan Jie. In the next, it will continue to give full play to the value of the Industrial Internet platform and gather high-quality resources of the industry; further tap the data assets of the platform to nurture the real economy with digital resources; further strengthen the cooperation with local governments, especially with Jiangsu Province and Nanjing in the field of industrial Internet; further satisfy user demands, so as to provide more enterprises with industrial Internet services and independent, safe and controllable infrastructure.


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