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A Superb Conference in Nanjing Gathers Top Scientists, Scholars, and Entrepreneurs!



The 2020 World Intelligent Manufacturing Conference (WIMC) will be held from November 26 to 28 at the Nanjing International Expo Convention Center with synchronous forums online and offline. The Nanjing Municipal People's Government held a press conference on the morning of November 12 to report on its sub-forums.

The 11 sub-forums of the Conference revolve around four major themes: "overall progress and exemplary applications of intelligent manufacturing", "key intelligent manufacturing technologies", "industrial applications of intelligent manufacturing" and "social ecosystem under intelligent manufacturing". This conference will be a grand gathering of a slew of leading international and domestic intelligent manufacturing scientists, scholars and entrepreneurs.

Well-known international and domestic scholars, experts, and government representatives invited to the forum will discuss the general trend of the development of intelligent manufacturing around the world, key intelligent manufacturing industries and technologies in China, exchange ideas about the impact, influence and corresponding solutions of products, equipment, production, service, manufacturing cloud, Industrial Internet and industrial integration in the field of intelligent manufacturing, and explore the challenges and opportunities faced by intelligent manufacturing in the process of connecting upstream and downstream industries and jointly creating an intelligent social ecosystem.

Schedule and Time


Features and Highlights

Systematicness of Structure

These 11 sub-forums constitute an organic whole of "independent but complementary modules", and cover the three major aspects of intelligent manufacturing: "academics", "industry" and "ecosystem".

Classic cases at the forefront of the industry are mainly covered in the comprehensive progress and demonstration sections to make good experiences become replicable practices.

The section on key technologies and industrial applications mainly discusses the combination of fiber and composite materials, automotive advanced technology, energy and process industry, biomedicine and other industries and intelligent manufacturing from the perspective of technology and industry, focusing on forming technology reserves of the upstream chain of intelligent manufacturing.

The social ecology section combined with intelligent manufacturing talents and social ecology explores intelligent manufacturing talent training and scientific popularization.

Diversity of Perspectives

Three perspectives are adopted: ecology, development, and case studies in intelligent manufacturing.

On the one hand, participants can have an in-depth discussion on the upstream talent supply, downstream social influence, and social science of intelligent manufacturing, and experience a high-end, intelligent, brilliant, and convenient life brought by intelligent manufacturing.

On the other hand, according to the development tracks, current situation and future trends in the field of intelligent manufacturing, "review and summary" and "forward-looking guidance" are conducted in the three aspects: "academia", "industry" and "ecology", to develop a closed-loop of intelligent manufacturing. Based on their successful cases in the field of intelligent manufacturing, the participants will have in-depth exchanges, share experiences, and explore the development path through open discussion. In the Forum on Scientific and Technological Developments in Intelligent Manufacturing, 2020 World 10 Scientific and Technological Developments in Intelligent Manufacturing and 2020 China 10 Scientific and Technological Developments in Intelligent Manufacturing will be released. The selected representative enterprises will share their specific application experience in practice.

Professionalism of Content

Technologically speaking, the sub-forums mainly follow the three common and key threads of "perception", "decision-making" and "implementation" in the field of intelligent manufacturing. Combined with the specific conditions of the industries involved, they have achieved comprehensive coverage of the hot technologies and key technologies in the field through the overall control of their contents. In the 11 sub-forums, more than 200 academicians, experts, and scholars will be invited. Academicians such as Zhou Ji, Li Peigen, Zhao Chunjiang, Tu Shandong, Shan Zhongde, Li Deyi, Gu Peihua, and Shen Weiming will deliver keynote speeches in relevant sub-forums as special guests, and many well-known scholars, professors, and leaders of leading enterprises at home and abroad will also deliver speeches online and offline.

In addition, with the goal of "ensuring that all relevant groups attending the conference will be rewarded", the sub-forums will provide convenient channels for guests, visitors, and organizers to express their opinions via relevant technical means.

Effectiveness of Interaction

During the preparation and planning, each sub-forum sends invitations to the audience after a precise selection to ensure that the invited ones are professionals or people with a strong interest in the corresponding content for more effective interaction and more in-depth discussion in the venue. For professionals who cannot be present, they can also learn about the real-time news by watching the webcast.

In addition, there is also a popularization forum on intelligent manufacturing for the public to attract them to join this trend more actively.

At present, the Industrial Brands Festival for the public has been launched. With the online display of intelligent manufacturing products from all over the country, recruitment work for the Cloud Expo has been developed in an all-round way. Besides, seven carnivals, including the 2020 Sino-German Cooperation Summit on Intelligent Manufacturing and the 2020 China (Nanjing) Low Altitude IoI Construction & UAV System Innovation and Development Forum, and more than 50 important guests’ invitation are under intense preparations.


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